Pnima - Social Tourism

Pnima is a social tourism venture designed to provide local and international tourists with a meaningful and authentic experience, that provides an alternative look into diverse populations and societal challenges via face to face encounters (mifgash) with local grassroots activists and mission driven communities.

Maalot Haifa Segev Shalom Beer Sheva Rahat Ofakim Shuva Kiryat Gat Lod
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"The tours were very very good! Creative ideas and very interesting people, the participants left with a much deeper understanding of the issues on the ground."
Open University Students' Association, March 2016Open University Students' Association, March 2016
"The tour was interesting and enriching, definitely opened new horizons we did not know before. I felt the tour highlighted the fact that the power is in the hands of local citizens and left us thinkingabout what we could do to better our own communities"
Jewish Federation of San Francisco, April, 2014Jewish Federation of San Francisco, April, 2014
"The service was professional, responsive and tailored to the group. We received so much more than a standard tour and dinner, the guides were amazing and we were sad we had to leave!"