Meet the community of Hafia


What do we offer?

Over the last 30 years, the Hadar neighborhood of Haifa, once the pearl of the city, has deteriorated and serves as an example of how suburban growth effects the city. The neighborhood is unique in that it has secular Jews, Haredi Jews, Israeli Arabs, Ethiopian immigrants and Russian immigrants living side by side.  This eclectic mix has also brought different mission driven communities to the neighborhood and they have started working on grassroots initiatives that work to improve the neighborhood from the inside out.  

We offer an insider’s tour of Hadar and together we move through different locations in the neighborhood and learn how history has influenced the present and the goals of the mission driven communities through the personal stories of activists, Jews and Arabs in the neighborhood.

Tour Details:

  • Group size – up to 40 people.
  • The tour – an hour and a half.
  • Age – 16+
  • The tour can be expanded (activities in the community garden, meeting with ecological activists and others)

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Saving Food and Creating Opportunities

About 40% of the food produced globally goes to waste. A small group of food activists have created the first food saving cooperative in Haifa, where they receive fruits and vegetables from farmers, local supermarkets and big chains and use that food to create delicious food for the public.  The concept is known as the real junk food project and it involves café’s that serve only saved food with a pay as you feel mentality.  You will meet with the founders of the movement and prepare a meal using only saved food together with the chef of the café.  Following the meal, they will share their insights into the food saving initiative and how each of us can make a difference.

  • Duration– One hour and a half
  • Group size – Up to 40 people
  • Suitable for all groups

Who are we?

The community “Zeh MiKfar” (From the student village) consists of 80 members who live in the Hadar neighborhood in Haifa. The community was formed in early 2010 by a group of alumni from the ‘student village’ who finished their undergraduate degree and wanted to stay and work in the neighborhood. Over the years, other friends have joined the community, they are involved in a number of different social initiatives in the areas of sustainability, education, gender, infrastructure, and developing community resilience.

The vision of the community is that it will be a place of creation and inspiration for community activists to realize their full potential in the areas of social change, alternative culture, and social change.