Meet the community of Kiryat Gat


What do we offer?

Recognizing a unique tour of an authentic Ethiopian tradition, the farm community I am in Kiryat Gat. During the tour we will take center maintains various activities in the community, and especially enjoyed the rare workshops such as writing in Amharic and Ethiopian-style mud building.

Fascinating meeting with members of the community, sounds and experience the story of immigration from Ethiopia and adaptation in the country, and taught through the integration of Ethiopian Jewry Heritage veteran social environment.

Tour details:

  • Group size – up to 100 people.
  • The tour – two hours.
  • Age – 15+

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Who are we?

The remains of the Jewish nation survived Ethiopia (Kush) over two thousand five hundred years, ever since the destruction of the First Temple and the Babylonian exile and perhaps even before that. These Jews lived and prospered wild expanses of Africa, cut off from the rest of the Jewish world, and yet retained their unique identity, their customs and unending dream someday return to Jerusalem, Summit aspirations of their ancestors. Late 70s and early 80s dream began to be realized when the State of Israel launched a secret operation to restore these forgotten Jews to their land and to the bosom of their people. Thus began a heroic and historic journey of over twenty thousand Jews who left their villages, leaving behind any piece of property in their possession and went out for a march of a thousand miles and more toward Sudan, where they prepared a Mossad infrastructure and a way to get to Israel.

“Atclit – Village Beta Israel” in Kiryat Gat is an educational initiative of the “I am” that provides a unique answer to some outstanding social challenges facing the Ethiopian Jews. The organization was founded by Ethiopian youth who grew up in the community and hurt her father. Young families are taken upon themselves to strengthen and empower the weighing and integrate it better into society, a place of respect for roots and connection to the rich tradition and its deep. The organization of communities to multitask consists of a group of young talented, army veterans and academics, educators and professionals, integrated into Israeli society but chose to return to disadvantaged neighborhoods and be an integral part of the local community to make real social change and deep inside.

The goal of the project is the phrase “poise and Prejudice” – strengthening the sense of pride and self-esteem in the Ethiopian way of reconnecting to their rich tradition. And diminishing prejudice the general Israeli public, through exposure to Ethiopian cultural treasures experiential and interesting way. Atclit – Village Beta Israel is an agricultural center / educational / tourism crown is returned to its former glory the Ethiopian rural life simple, naturally connected to the earth and the environment, and brings back to life the forgotten culture of Ethiopian Jews.

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