Meet the community of Lod

What do we offer?

Lod, one of the oldest towns in Israel, is mentioned 3,500 years ago, the historical sources and over the centuries the city was the spiritual center of Jewish cultural and spiritual center for Christians and Muslims. Lod knew periods of flourishing, on the down periods, due to the many wars that struck the region and rulers who did it and made it. The population of Lod appointed 73,438 inhabitants, of which 72.97% Jews, 27.03% Arab. Approximately 33% of the population are immigrants, mostly from the former Soviet Union, and some from Ethiopia.

Socio-economic indicators of the city’s population is very low and indicate the degree of resilience of the population. Socioeconomic data of Lod, joining the urban characteristics such as a serious crime (in the areas of drugs, theft and construction) and service level due to poor financial condition of the municipal authority.

Lod periphery challenging exposes us to the story that conceals many orders reducing socio-economic disparities in the city, bridging between different populations and historic link to Israel.

The tour will be exposed young activists who came as students in the city and decided to stay and continue to influence the environmental model community. We will learn the fundamentals of social work in Lod and activists of all stripes acknowledge that work together to influence the future of Lod.

Tour details:

  • Group size – up to 40 people.
  • The tour – an hour and a half.
  • Age – 16+

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Who are we?

Lod got a community of approximately 20-25 students and students undergoing live together in rented apartments in one of the neighborhoods goal marked Municipality. Among the students, just like a mosaic population of Lod have Jewish students and Arabs, religious and secular, new immigrants and veteran residents of the city of Lod and those who joined her outside, which is common to all is that they are part of a community young city which is spearheaded by young people in the field of social work. In four years, more than 300 students have already started the project and moved to the city, and hundreds more are turning on the waiting list to join the program. When in Tsa”z city for 100 graduates of the program who have completed their studies and chose to settle in the city.
Students in the city are leading more than 30 initiatives and social projects in the fields of culture, informal education and empowerment of civil society, the most outstanding of which the establishment of a nursery with 22 babies born in the city, the pub first Blvd., establishment of house committees and committees called in hundreds of homes in the city and dozens of other initiatives.