Meet the community of Mallot

What do we offer?

In Maalot there is a unique Haredi community. Haredim are generally misunderstood and often times seen as a threat to the future of the Democratic and Jewish state of Israel. What makes the community unique is that it was started by and for Haredi Baaley Teshuv. These are Jewish Israelis who were raised secular and have taken upon themselves an Orthodox lifestyle.  Their goal is to create mission driven communities across the periphery of Israel and they strive to be a bridge between secular and Haredi society by opening up their homes and creating communal social change. 


Participants are invited to experience the community by meeting with members, who are artists. They meet in their homes and  will have the opportunity to hear the artist’s personal stories and explore their own personal and Jewish identity through an art workshop.

Maalot Tour details:

  • Group size – up to 50 people.
  • The tour – two hours.
  • Age – 16+
  • in addition it is possible to order a kosher meal during the visit.
  • The tour can be expanded (work in their community garden and a meeting with musicians from the community, etc.)

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Who are we?

The “Sde Tzofim” community, in Maalot was established 15 years ago by Rabbi Oded Nitzani after deciding to leave Beitar Illit .
Rabbi Nitzani, due to him beeing a “Baal Tesuva”, saw the great need for providing an appropriate answer to the various challenges facing the community. They see settlement of the Galilee and contribution to Israeli society to be a especially relevant and core component of communal life.
Therefore, it is based on building a lifestyle that combines the same lifestyle of the Haredi population which is Torah study, work, social engagement and national responsibility.

They also built and operate a unique school, which is the heart of the community and reflects the socio-educational vision. As a result it combines religious studies with high-level studies in art, crafts and sciences. 

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