Meet the community of Ofakim

What do we offer?

The tour provides a unique experience that gives a glimpse into the struggle of Southern development towns in Israel. Through a personal encounter with a local social activist who grew up in Ofakim, you are invited to experience different perspectives on Ofakim, from it’s creation until the modern era. All this will take place while riding a bike (which will be provided to participants), and discussing urban social change together with grassroots activists.

Tour details:

  • Group size – up to 25 people.
  • The tour – two hours and fifteen minutes.
  • Age – 18+.
  • There is a possibility of volunteering in the community garden.
  • You can order a meal provided by a local community member.

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Who we are?

Ahuzat Negev is a community of secular, religious, young and old, men and women, residents of Ofakim. Community members focus on social action, community empowerment and social change, to bring about a change in the city of Ofakim in particular and the Negev in general by running community centers and projects. There are approximately 40 families in the community and it began in 2007. 


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