Meet the community of Shuva


What do we offer?

You are invited to the home of Kobi, a musician, informal educator and community activist.  He is part of an intentional community of Haredi Baaley Teshuva who chose to move to the periphery, specifically near the Gaza border and serve as a bridge between the secular and religious communities via grassroots social projects.  Kobi will share his personal story and together with the group create a musical harmony that serves as the backdrop for communal harmony that he and his fellow community members have created. 


Tour details:

  • Group size – up to 40 people.
  • Duration – up to an hour and a half.
  • Age – 16+.
  • You can add a kosher meal from the community.
  • You can add tours of the graves of righteous Sephardi Rabbis in Netivot.

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