Long Term Programs

Pnima works together with social organizations in order to lead and promote social tourism in Israel. We are organizing and implementing several long term programs, in addition to the short term tours that we offer. We are proud to partner with the following organizations and programs. 

Onward Israel offers a competitive and attractive venue for young people seeking such experiences at affordable prices, and for time periods ranging from six to ten weeks. While meeting the individual needs of the participants and allowing them to advance their resumes, Onward Israel’s speak directly to the interests and concerns of young adults entering the labor force in a globalized world. Our programs maximize opportunities for cross-cultural immersion, a feature that is highly prized by employers and academic institutions.

Onward Israel Logo - Pnima Social Tourism in Israel Partner

The program is coordinated together with the Jewish Federation in Montreal (CJA) and the Jewish Agency for young adults from Montreal to experience the best that Beer Sheva and Bnei Shimon have to offer.  Participants live in Beer Sheva and meet young Israeli peers that show them around the city and go on various tours that expose them to the amazing work of social activists and change makers in Israeli society.

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In March 2017 we organized a Sustainable Israel tour for the non-profit Jewish organization Hazon. During the tour participants met with activists and agents of change who are at the forefront of food practices, social awareness and intentional communities in Israel. 

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