Unique Israel Tours: Visit Mission Driven Communities

Are you looking for a truly unique experience?

We provide a variety of Israel tours and programs throughout the country that allow you the opportunity to get away from all of the typical tourist spots and explore a different side of Israeli communities.

 Our tours include:

  • Half day tours
  • Full day tours
  • Multi-day tours
  • Long-term programs

Our tours are suitable for:

  • Israeli and international tourists
  • Family vacations
  • Congregation trips
  • Youth movements
  • Educational programs
  • Travelers in Israel for special events (work conferences, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah trips, etc…)

We can help you arrange a tailor-made itinerary. Contact Pnima to learn more about our programs and to book a tour.  

Our Special Interest Tours and Programs in Israel


Visit the North

Group on tour in Northern Israel - meeting community leaders in Haifa at Robin Food

Visit a truly multicultural neighborhood, meet with food activists in Haifa, or participate in art workshops in Maalot. 

Learn more about social tourism in Northern Israel. 

Visit the Center

Group visiting the center of Israel and enjoying a meal with Ethiopian Israeli community leader

Just a short drive from the center, you can meet inspirational leaders transforming their societies from within. 

Learn more about social tourism in Central Israel. 

Visit the South

Visit Southern Israel

Get to know entrepreneurs and social activists helping to reshape the Negev and realize the dram of David Ben-Gurion to develop the region. 

Learn more about social tourism in Southern Israel.