Meet Community Activists in Afula

Hands-On Community Activism in the North

This program in Northern Israel gives participants the chance to learn about grassroots activism with Matzpen Afula, an intentional community in Afula.

Afula, like other cities in the periphery, loses many of its young adults to the center of the country due to a perceived lack of employment opportunities and a vibrant young community. Losing this critical age range slows down the growth of the city and reinforces the center/periphery divide.

To curb that trend, a group of young adults who grew up in Afula, moved back to create the first intentional community in the city based on communal responsibility, social activism, and awareness.

The Afula Experience

Meeting with community activists in AfulaParticipants will meet with community members and volunteer in the community center that serves the underprivileged local population, the center is entirely led by and operated by local activists.

Afula Program Details

  • Duration: About 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Group size: Up to 40 people
  • Perfect for: All groups

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