Beer Sheva Tours

Beer Sheva, the Negev’s capital, is seen in the eyes of many as a way station for other destinations in the Negev. However, without much fanfare, Beer Sheva is in the midst of an incredible transformation and its story is very relevant for the development of the Negev.

We off a variety of tours in Beer Sheva that offer an inside look at the different cultures and communities that shape this historical city. 

Meet the Communities of Beer Sheva – The Capital of the Negev

Kama was established over 10 years ago by a group of young people who served together in the Nachal Youth Movement. Their vision was to develop an intentional community in Beer Sheva with the purpose of helping to improve the community from within. 

In 2006, Eretz-Ir was established as the nonprofit arm of the Kama Community. Eretz-Ir serves to create social change on a larger scale through its projects.

Based in the Dalet Neighborhood of Beer Sheva, Eretz-Ir now runs projects throBeert Beer Sheva and Israel. Kama Community members see the organization as the way to realize their shared vision of social change and to create a community based on mutual responsibility.

Many of our Beer Sheva tours can be combined with additional tours in Southern Israel for a full day or multi-day experience with Pnima Social Tourism. 

Our Social Tourism Programs in Beer Sheva

Schuna Dalet Tour

group meeting with leaders in the Beer Sheva neighborhood Schuna Dalet - Pnima Social Tourism

Beer Sheva, Schuna Dalet Tour – Urban Social Change and the Power of Community

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Old City Tour

Beer Sheva Old City Tour - Pnima Social Tourism in Southern Israel

Beer Sheva, Old City Tour – Social Entrepreneurship in the Negev

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Young Entrepreneurs in Beer Sheva

Hands On Workshops in the Reshet Beer Sheva Community - Pnima Social Tourism in Southern Israel

Meet Young Entrepreneurs in Beer Sheva – Community Activism and a Hands-on Workshop

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LGBTQ in Beer Sheva

Meet with LGBTQ community leaders in Beer Sheva - Pnima Social Tourism in Southern Israel


LGBTQ in Beer Sheva – A Different Side of the Conversation

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Ethiopian Community in Beer Sheva

Ethiopian Israeli leaders in Beer Sheva program - Social Tourism in Southern Israel

Ethiopian Israelis in Beer Sheva – Past, Present, and Future

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