Ethiopian Israelis in Beer Sheva - Past, Present, and Future

Meet Community Leaders and Hear the Stories of Ethiopian Israelis in Beer Sheva

During this Beer Sheva tour, you will have the change to explore the rich history of Ethiopian tradition, the challenges that faced the community during and after their Aliyah and about the next generation of Ethiopian/Israeli identity.

The Experience: Meeting Ethiopian Leaders in the South

Participants will meet with Naftali Aklum an educator and activist in the Ethiopian community. His brother Ferede Aklum worked with the Mossad and was responsible for creating the path to Sudan before Operation Moses and was one of the first Ethiopians to arrive in Beer Sheva.Dinner with Naftali and Discussion on Ethiopian Israelis in Beer Sheva - Pnima Social Tourism in Israel

What participants will hear:

  • Naftali’s personal story and the powerful history of his family and their journey to Israel
  • A discussion of his work with Ethiopian youth in Beer Sheva and throughout Israel
  • A first-hand look at the current challenges and opportunities for Ethiopians in the periphery

A Traditional Ethiopian Meal

Participants have the option to deepen their understanding and connection to Ethiopian tradition and culture with a home cooked kosher meal in Naftali’s home.

Program Details

  • Duration: About 1 and a half hours
  • Group Size: Up to 30
  • Perfect for: All groups
  • Meals: Optional meal offered (Kosher meat or vegetarian options)


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