Meet Ethiopian Community Activist in Gedera – Empowerment from Within

Travel to Gedera and Get to Know Truly Remarkable Leaders in the Ethiopian Israeli Community

The older generation of Ethiopian Olim to Israel had a very difficult time integrating into Israeli society for a number of reasons. While many different Jewish organizations in addition to the Israeli government have tried to alleviate the difficulty, often times the help was from outside of the community.

10 years ago, a committed group of young Ethiopians, who grew up in Israel, decided to move back into the struggling neighborhoods and create change from within.

The Gedera Experience

Tourists enjoying a home cooked meal with Ethiopian community activists in GederaParticipants will meet with Yuvi Tashome-Katz an inspirational Ethiopian Israeli leader, who will share her personal story and lessons she has learned coordinating grassroots social programs in her community.

Traditional Ethiopian Meal

The tour can include a traditional Ethiopian meal in the homes of local women from the community.

Gedera Program Details

  • Duration: About 1 hour (2 hours with meal)
  • Group size: Up to 40 people
  • Perfect for: Women’s groups, Congregations, and Youth groups
  • Meals: Optional meal offered (Kosher meal)

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