Visit a Haifa Restaurant with a Mission

Saving Food and Creating Opportunities in Haifa

During this program, groups will visit Haifa and enjoy a meal prepared together with the activists at Robin Food.

Robin Food – It’s More Than Just a Meal!

More than 30% of the food produced globally goes to waste. In Haifa, a local group of activists have created the non-profit Robin Food, and opened Israel’s first-ever food rescue restaurant. Robin Food NGO rescue fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be wasted – from farmers, markets and stores, and together with a chef and many volunteers – turn the produce into delicious meals for the public. 

Through food, something that everyone needs and enjoys, we open up a range of subjects to engage in. Those who are less fortunate can have access to a great meal. Those who are part of the general consumer society can get a direct “taste” of the global food waste crisis and contribute to the project, with their money/time/skills. We campaign to raise awareness, and plan to organize relevant action around food waste in Israel.


The Haifa Food Experience

meeting with food saving activists at Robin Food in HaifaYou will meet with the founders of Robin Food, hear their story and prepare and engage in a ‘cooking contest’ – creating a meal together using rescued food together with the chef of the restaurant. Following the meal, they will share their insights about food waste, their organization and how each of us can make a difference.


Robin Food Program Details

  • Duration: One hour and a half
  • Group size: Up to 40 people
  • Perfect for: All groups

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