Jewish Activism in Moshav Shuva - Musical and Communal Harmony

A Musical Tour at Moshav Shuva

Visit Moshav Shuva, an Orthodox mission-driven community on the Gaza border.

Hear the fascinating story of Baaley Tshuva who left the ultra-Orthodox enclave to create a Jewish eco-community in the periphery.

The Moshav Experience

Participants in a musical workshop at Moshav Shuva - Pnima Social Tourism in IsraelMeet with the founder, Aharon Ariel Lavi to hear his personal story and the effects this community has had on the region.

Then meet Coby, a musician, and storyteller who merges his personal Jewish journey from a secular household to Moshav Shuva with a musical workshop.

Participants will enjoy:

  • A discussion about secular and Orthodox Judaism
  • An overview of the community at Moshav Shuva and their mission
  • An interactive musical workshop

Moshav Shuva Program Details

  • Duration: About 1 and a half hours
  • Group size: Up to 40 people
  • Perfect for: Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Youth Groups

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