Visit Rahat - Creating Equal Opportunities for Education in Bedouin Society

Meet the Community of Rahat

Bedouin society in Israel is undergoing many changes and modifications, internal and external, in recent years. Participants will be exposed to internal social processes undergoing the largest Bedouin city in Israel through the personal story of a local social activist with the New Dawn Negev Association.

The Rahat Experience

Group meeting local activists for Bedouin education in RahatDuring the tour, you will recognize all the challenges facing the Bedouins in Israel, particularly in education while visiting various sites in the city that symbolize the transition to modernity roaming through the eyes of local guides.

Meet Bedouin women making a difference in Segev Shalom. 

Rahat Tour Details

  • Duration: About 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Group Size: Up to 40 people
  • Perfect for: All groups
  • Meal: Optional meal offered (Meal is not Kosher Certified / Vegetarian options available)

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The New Dawn Negev Association

New Dawn Negev Association was founded in 2009 and is located in Rahat. The group aims to create equal opportunities in education Bedouin society and believe in three major axes:

  1. Education
  2. Employment
  3. Leadership

These are the basic elements for empowering youth and young Bedouin in the Negev. There is the firm belief that female youth and the young Bedouin society has huge potential waiting to break out, and this group aims to give them the tools to do so, self-realization, leadership and responsible values in education.

Rahat is the largest Bedouin city in Israel. It is home to about 65,000 residents, more than 66% are children and young people under the age of 18, with 80% of the population under the age of 30.