Be’er Sheva, Schuna Dalet Tour – Urban Social Change and the Power of Community

Our Schuna Dalet Tour Will Take You on an Inspiration Journey into the Heart of Beer Sheva

We offer the opportunity to explore one of the oldest and most stigmatized neighborhoods in Beer Sheva, Schuna Dalet, through the lens of community-driven social change.

The Schuna Dalet Experience

This interactive walking tour will bring you into the heart of a historically neglected neighborhood that today serves as a meeting point for social activism and urban renewal.

You will hear about the work being done by a local mission-driven community as well as the transformation of Beer Sheva by visiting several sites in the neighborhood.

Discussions include:group touring Beer Sheva Schuna Dalet - Pnima Socia Tourism in Israel

  • Social business: Meet with the full-time social worker from Café Ringelblum, a local business that employs neighborhood youth at risk
  • Elderly residents: the history of the neighborhood, and its development
  • Student life and young residents: Influence, both positive and negative on the neighborhood and what the future holds

Dine With the Locals in Schuna Dalet

In addition, the tour can include a delicious kosher lunch at Cafe Ringleblum, which will include a deeper discussion on the role of the cafe changing the lives of youth at risk.

Schuna Dalet Program Details

  • Duration: About 2 hours (one hour for the tour and one hour for the meal)
  • Group size: Up to 40 people
  • Perfect for: All groups
  • Meals: Optional meal offered (Kosher dairy restaurant)

Contact Pnima to learn more and book a tour.