Visit Segev Shalom and Meet Bedouin Women Making a Difference

Segev Shalom Tour – Women Empowerment in Bedouin Culture

Traditional Bedouin society was based on a nomadic lifestyle and strict adherence to local traditions. With the creation of the State of Israel and the influx of modernity, the Bedouin population, Bedouin women in particular, is in the midst of a significant transformation.

The Experience

The role of women in their society is a hot-button issue and participants will meet with Amal Abualkom, a member of the Bedouin Women for Themselves (BWFT) community in Segev Shalom, a short drive from Beer Sheva.

Amal is a fascinating woman, who will share her personal story of perseverance in the face of many obstacles and how she started her own non-profit and social business to give Bedouin women a voice and a better future.Meeting with Bedouin Women Making a Difference During a Segev Shalom Tour

The experience also includes:

  • Overview of the town and the historical background and current information on Bedouin society
  • Hot coffee and tea while hearing Amal’s personal story
  • Hands-on jewelry workshop together with the female elders of the community

A Home Cooked Meal

Guests can take advantage of an additional option to enjoy an authentic meal prepared by the women of the community.

Program Details

  • Duration: About 2 hours
  • Group size: Up to 50 people
  • Perfect for: Women’s groups, Congregations, and Youth Groups
  • Meal: Optional meal offered (Meal is not Kosher Certified / Vegetarian options available)

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The Women of BWFT

The BWFT community consists mainly of Bedouin women, working to raise the quality of life for the Bedouin community of Segev Shalom and surrounding unrecognized villages. They do so by promoting women and their status in the community and creating initiatives that empower women of all ages.  

Community’s areas of activity include:

  • Educational programs designed to increase parental involvement in schools, volunteer work renovating kindergartens, creating complementary recreational facilities and more
  • Distribution of food, clothing and school equipment for needy families
  • Development of existing projects in cooperation with the residents and the Ministry of the Environment
  • Maanad – an educational tourism project, offering content related social and community involvement by creating a platform for elderly women who share their legacy and knowledge of traditional Bedouin culture

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