Meet Young Entrepreneurs in Beer Sheva - Community Activism and a Hands on Workshop

Get to Know the Entrepreneurs in Beer Sheva Reshaping the Nation’s View of the Negev

Beer Sheva is known for having the best student life in the country with over 20,000 students at Ben Gurion University alone. However, over 95% of students leave immediately after their degree, draining the city of a young age group looking to contribute to the city.

The ‘Reshet’ is an intentional community made up of young adults who decided to stay in Beer Sheva after their degree and create bottom-up projects that are changing the face of the city.

Beer Sheva Reshet Tour

Reshet Program Details


About 1 hour and 30 minutes

Group Size:

Up to 30 people

Perfect For:

All Groups

The Experience of the Reshet

The group will meet with the founders of the community for an in-depth discussion and a hands-on workshop. Guests will hear an overview of the ‘Reshet’ including how it began, where it’s headed, and the challenges they face.

Workshop options include:

  • Carpentry 101 with the Kolboynik, a tool shed lending cooperative/social business 
  • Urban design workshop, creating the perfect city
  • Exploring creative placemaking in the neighborhood
Beer Sheva Entrepreneurism at Reshet

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